Experience You Can Count On

RbttConnect is an initiative of desire that has been put together by the founders, strengthened by the strong passion and interest of making sure Recruitment and Selection are seamless. The desire to be able to fill in roles quickly as there is need for it in major organizations so as not to affect productivity.

Our process is designed & structured to educate and communicate to our esteemed clients on how we can make this possible and achieve a great outcome. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on solid track to success and profit with the best staffing technique.

Rbttconnect is a fast-growing nursing agency that supplies staffing to residential aged care homes and disability group homes, we are 100% available to meet up with all your demands, we are also looking forward to being an NDIS service provider soon, please expect nothing than the best from us, as this will help us to give all supports to all individuals in the community that are reaching out to us already.


Vision statement

Our Vision Is to make sure we are well ahead in ensuring our service delivery is per excellence. We want to be a leading brand in disability industry and to be recognized in our community, thereby making all our clients happy and satisfied all the time. Our Brand values will depict who we are and help our strategic approach whilst making sure we give a great service delivery.

Mission statement

At Rbttconnect, we will go extra mile to making sure that our clients are satisfied with all our services, we pride ourselves through our reliable team members and unbiased processes to ensure our clients are able to achieve all their goals which includes attaining self -confidence, inclusiveness and advocating for them.


Business strategies listed below are our short and long term plans;

All the afore listed above will gradually be achieved with the cooperation of our strong team members that boost the brand and continuous networking via social media and attending all relevant events and programs online and in person.


Teamwork – our mission is not complete without a great effort from the team we have put together, the team goes a long way in ensuring our Participant’s lives are continuous as we get all details on how best to manage all our clients with great attention to details skills.

Time Management – we believe all our clients understands what their time means to them, we will not waste all precious moments without any achievements to show for it.

Integrity – we pride ourselves in what we say and meeting up to all expectations as demanded/requested. All agreements as to achieve all goals and objectives of our participants will never be denied but rather achieved.

Respect – we will never go beyond our boundaries in our responsibilities to our clients, all confidentialities are kept as it were and privacy will not be intruded. Our client’s decision will be well managed and respected as it is always required. 

Brand Value & Business Strategy

Brand Values

Business Strategies

Tell us what the roles are, we will get you the best fit that will add values to your organization. No more increased staff turnover. Retention is the way forward, We want to be a part of your success story. Send us a message today, and we can start with you on a path to success