Our Services

Rbttconnect is a fast-growing nursing agency that supplies staffing to residential aged care homes and disability group homes, we are 100% available to meet up with all your demands, we are also looking forward to being an NDIS service provider soon, please expect nothing than the best from us, as this will help us to give all supports to all individuals in the community that are reaching out to us already.

We are family owned and operated nursing agency that are ready to provide you with qualified nursing and support staff to your facility whenever you are in need of them.

See below our area of support:

Staffing Solution

We provide staff to your services as it may be required, we have staff in different categories to fill in whatever shifts as required. Our turnaround time in providing staff will depend on the location and the number of staff which we have never disappointed our clients in providing. See below our areas of staffing;

In Home Supports and daily living

You live in the community in your own home and you desire some supports n your daily life which requires personal care and domestic assistance, we are available to sit and plan manage all your needs into a package that we will support you with as soon as it is well clarified and approved by all stakeholders involved.

Community nursing services

You live in your own home and you desire supports with some medicals, we will arrange for you qualified professionals to attend to all your needs and cater well for them

Assisted travel Transport

We will arrange all your transportation for you from anywhere of your choice which could include your house to any location, see below all types of transportation;

Daily Tasks Shared living

We will provide shared living accommodation with Participants that shares similar lifestyles and ideas, we will also support the individual(s) in achieving their goals by respecting their choices and assist to live an everyday life boosting their self – esteem, as much participation in the community helping their level of inclusiveness, and our great team members that will continually advocate for your needs, helping you know and understand your rights, and thereby making your voice(s) heard as much you so much desire.

if you will like to be a part of our growing family where your care is our ultimate goal, please send enquiries to info@rbttconnect.com.au

Residential Aged Care

We are available to fill in your emergency shifts with qualified staff that understands and have the passion of working in an elderly nursing home, thereby supporting all needs that may be required which may be of major concern. roles as the case may be.

Community Care

We also provide nurses and support for you in the comfort of your own home that will help you continue to live independently and safely including community participation.

Disability Support

We have disability and support workers that will help participants in providing the self-centred
approach and meeting their everyday needs and community participation.

Temporary Recruitment 

This is when we are able to support roles with our immediate staffing for your need. which can be on a contract, fill in positions for employees that have their annual leave, sick leave, or sudden absences from work that may last for a while, in all of these circumstances, we will map out a strategic plan for you. We have candidates that will fit into these
roles as the case may be.

Permanent Recruitment 

Making sure your request is ascertained right from our first chat. We will present to you candidates that have been shortlisted with proven records and documentation. These candidates will be potentials and the right fit for the growth and development of your organization. These talents will be vast based on the job description for the role, not presenting any negative situation in all the process through delivery and beyond.

Employer Sponsorship Visa

Visa Do you have a position you need to fill but seem very limited in the labor market? you may require to sponsor the right candidate for this position or you have employees you need to sponsor? You can talk to us about it.

How  quick do you need to fill a role? Let us manage this for you.
 We work around deadlines & ensuring a retention strategy is in place. We can achieve more together